Gods of Christopher

Adventure Log 2

38th - 40th of Vidox 945

  • See Rocco Carson bounty. He’s worth a shit ton of money, but we need to get him within the next few days or we get nothing. He’s in Dunford. Go visit police to get info.They don’t have much
  • Go to Dunford. Guards won’t let us in due to secret festival. Using magic we trick them into letting us stay the night in the guard tower.
  • Zain sneaks around the guard tower at night. Finds the exit into the town. Gets spotted but knocks out the guard without further incident. Arthur joins him. Zain goes back and tells Yeong-Suk to flee with the horses, and then goes back to Arthur.
  • Yeong -Suk goes to the bathroom. Then she goes outside, tricks the guards to help with the horses and gets the hell out of there, after a horse kicks a guard in the face.
  • Zain and Arthur venture into the town. That morning, people gather in the square for some event. It is long and creepy. Announcer guy is weird and the only guy who is happy in the entire town. People are called up one by one to do some vote thing in a tent where the creepy guy interrogates you. Zain bluffs his way through it. Arthur fails to do the same and gets taken away by some Gaurock.
  • Zain tries to quietly follow Arthur but gets seen and captured by more Gaurock. Once taken away from the crowd, he breaks loose and escapes, Assassin’s Creed style. He meets up with Arthur’s familiar, who leads him to the mansion where Arthur is being kept. They break out.
  • The two of them spy on the rest of the festival. Arthur’s fuck up earlier gets a guy killed. Vote results are announced. Five people are chosen. Announcer guy turns into a shadow demon, and starts eating the winners. It’s disturbing.
  • A plan is formulated to kill the demon guy, because saving a town from evil demons is the right thing to do. Also it looks great on a resume. The familiar, who really could use a name, is sent to find Yeong-Suk and deliver a message about the plan.
  • Zain and Arthur make their way away through the crowd as it disperses. They hide in an alley for the night. Some Gaurock finds the alley and see Zain in a trash can. He jumps away, stabs the guy in the face, then goes all Assassin’s Creed again and climbs on the roof. The Gaurock picks up the trash can Arthur is in and throws it at Zain, completely missing. Zain mocks the Gaurock and then tricks them into running the wrong way. Zain and Arthur escape and rest the rest of the night in a different alley.


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